Lettering and Illustration
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Bright & Clean uses a unique digital blend of handmade elements to achieve beautiful prints and custom invitations and cards. Each finished piece is meticulously edited and refined digitally but begins the old fashioned way - a pencil to paper.

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Snaggletoothed and bright-eyed, I began selling my handmade greeting cards, bookmarks, and pet rocks to my very patient neighbors in 1998. I can use scissors without supervision now, but that childlike thrill of creating new and beautiful things has only grown with me.
In 2014 I carefully illustrated and lettered my own wedding invitation, a project that rekindled my passion for custom paper goods. Shortly thereafter I launched Bright & Clean on Etsy - a brand nearly two decades in the making. 
My husband and I live in Austin with our baby and a house full of art supplies and drafts.